Forest County Envirothon



The Tri-County Envirothon was held on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  This annual event was held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville and sponsored by the Clarion County Conservation District (CCCD), Forest County Conservation District (FCCD) and Jefferson County Conservation District (JCCD).

Students used study materials provided to them by the Pennsylvania Envirothon to prepare for the event.  Study information is located on the website.  For the third year, the students are also able to use the “PA Envirothon” App.  Students can download the app to their smart phones and tablets.  This enables them to study for the Envirothon on the go!

 The day of the event, tests are completed and scored at each of the 5 stations.  At the Forestry station, they identify and measure different kinds of trees and shrubs and answer various questions relating to our forests.  The soils station requires the students to use a soil profile and identify different types of soil.  The students are quizzed in the Aquatics station on their knowledge of fish and aquatic life.  The Wildlife Station tests the students on identifying wildlife and bird calls.  The fifth station is a special station that changes each year.  Benefits of Grassland and Pastureland Management is the special station for this year’s Envirothon. 

West Forest Team A won Second Place at the Tri-County Envirothon and will be representing Forest County at the State Envirothon at Susquehanna University.

West Forest Team A
Pictured from left:  Chris Pederson, Bryant Niederriter, Steven Barnett, Stephen Culver, Daniel Schwab