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Forest County Sheriff's Office
526 Elm Street, Box 9
Tionesta, PA 16353
Phone (814) 755-3541
Fax (814) 755-4404 

William D. Carbaugh Jr.  Sheriff
Thomas Stack Chief Deputy 
Cheri L. Switzer Sheriff’s Clerk 

License to Carry Application  

Marienville LTC Dates 2022

Sheriff Sales:

June 6, 2022 @ 10:00 A.M.:
201 Pine Street, Marienville, PA 16239

The Forest County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff. This opening is full-time, and comes with a comprehensive benefit package including retirement, health care, vision, and dental insurance.  The primary function of this position is to patrol areas of Forest County and provide law enforcement services. These duties include but are not limited to responding to calls, enforcing the Pennsylvania crimes code, vehicle code, local ordinance, courthouse/courtroom security, civil service, and prisoner transports. Duties also include enforcement of federal statues with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and US Forest Service. All required continuing education training will be paid for. Please deliver applications to the Forest County Sheriff’s Office at the address listed below. We prefer all applicants to be Act 120 Certified or prior Law Enforcement Certified and willing to fulfill a minimum two year employment contract with the County of Forest. Interested applicants should contact the Forest County Sheriff’s Office.  EOE

526 Elm Street
 Box # 9
Tionesta, PA 16353

Wlliam D. Carbaugh Jr
 Sheriff of Forest County

Application for Deputy Sheriff