Title VI Program

Forest County Transportation
Services available to Forest County Residents

Do I qualify?

Are you....
...65 or older?  Yes
Forest County residents who are 65 or older qualify under this program for their needs: medical, shopping, senior centers, banking, etc.  An aide/assistant is permitted to ride with you. Please let us know when booking your appointment that someone will be going with you.  Click Here to see the fee schedule for seniors.

...Veteran under the age of 65?  Yes
Veterans under the age of 65 can use our services free of charge.

...on Medical Assistance?  Yes
Forest County residents who have the Access Card and do not have a registered vehicle within the household may ride for free to medical appointments only.  We can transport small children with an adult to accompany them. 

... Person with Disabilities? Yes 
Forest County residents of all ages who have disabilities may ride with us for a small co-payment.  Under this program, you must have your doctor verify your disability.  Under this program we will transport you for all your needs.  Co-pay fees are based on one way; click here to see the fees for persons with disabilities.

Do you have a caregiver or cannot to travel alone?  Don’t worry we transport caregivers with our senior citizens and persons with disabilities.  Call our office at (814) 927-8266 or (800) 222-1706 today and ask about eligibility. 

...Member of the general public with no access to your own transportation? Yes
Forest County Transportation can get you where you need to go.  Click here to see the fees for the general public.

How do I sign up for the program?
Stop by either the Transportation Office at 126 Cherry Street in Marienville or the Forest County Commissioners Office at the Court House, 526 Elm Street, Tionesta to fill out an application.  Please bring a photo ID with you for age verification.

How do I schedule a ride?
Call our office at (814) 927-8266 or (800) 222-1706 to schedule a ride

You may call to schedule your appointments as soon as you know about them and you may call us until 4:00 pm the day before your appointment (e.g. Monday appointments must be scheduled by 4:00 pm the prior Friday).  We are not permitted by Penn Dot to provide same day services.  However,  Medical Assistance (MATP) clients are eligible for same day service under our urgent care policy. 

Cancellations / Changes :  Please call as soon as you know you’re not able to go or there are changes to your appointment, not later than the day before your appointment.  If you have 3 no shows or cancel at the door within a month’s time, we will not transport you for 30 days.

What will it cost me?
All fees are based on one way trips

MATP Welcome Packet 

MATP Application

Medical Assistant (MATP)
This program is for medical appointments only and all trips are free to the client.
Veterans under 65 are covered by the Veteran’s Transportation Fund.

 Senior Citizens (65+) are free up to 35 miles; trips over 35 miles are subject to a co-pay.
36-50.99 Miles co-pay is $4.00
51-75.99 Miles co-pay is $4.50
Person with Disability (PWD)
PWD Application
0-1.99 Miles fee is $1.30
2-5.99 Miles fee is $2.05
6-10.99 Miles fee is $2.90
11-20.99 Miles fee is $4.75
21-35.99 Miles fee is $6.55
36-50.99 Miles fee $8.00
51-75.99 Miles fee is $9.00
76-99.99 Miles fee is $12.00
100+ Miles fee is $13.05
General Public
0-1.99 Miles fee is $8.40
2-5.99 Miles fee is $13.65
6-10.99 Miles fee is $19.20
11-20.99 Miles fee is $31.65
21-35.99 Miles fee is $43.65
36-50.99 Miles fee is $53.25
51-75.99 Miles fee is $60.00
76-99.99 Miles fee is $79.80
100+ Miles fee is $87.00

What are your operating days/hours?

Monday – Friday 5:00 am to 5:00 pm
We do not transport for any reason on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day.  The Transportation Office will be closed for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July.    

What is your service area?

Our service area includes the following counties: Forest, Clarion, Jefferson, Venango, Clearfield, Allegheny, Warren, Erie, Butler, Mercer, Elk, Crawford, Armstrong, McKean, Beaver and Lawrence.  We are not permitted to travel outside of this service area.

No appointments will be accepted after 4:00 pm for Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Lawrence, Butler and Erie Counties.

   The County of Forest Transportation Department is funded in part by the Pennsylvania Lottery